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Welcome to YOGA!


(This course is optional. Anyone may attend any class at any time.)


***PAUSED**** 4 weeks - Beginners Only! Thursday nights 7pm - 8pm with Sydney!

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Starts the first Thursday of each month.

(If you miss a class or two, you can make it up in next series)


4 classes: Tying together safety, effectiveness, & the Yoga lifestyle!

Students will learn correct alignment for classic yoga postures &
breathing techniques. Students may experience increases in strength,
flexibility, inner peace and overall well-being.


No yoga experience necessary!
Upon completion of this series, students will be able to confidently and

safely attend any class at Full Circle Yoga.

Class focus:

- Setting a foundation: Grounding down, aligning bones, stacking joints

- Making space: focus on hips and shoulder openers

- How to reduce back pain and lower stress

- Learn how to develop a safe and effective life long Yoga practice

4 week series price: $99 Includes a brand new Yoga mat!

Register now on the Upcoming Events page!

Your future self appreciates it.

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